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New Billing Software

PWS is now operating with a new customer service and billing software.  While both PWS and the software company's staff have worked diligently on this project for the last year, there will still be some issues that arise that simply can not be corrected before going live.  We ask for your patience during the first part of the year as our staff becomes familiar with and troubleshoots issues both in accounts and billing.  In the coming months, we will announce some of the improvements in account management provided by the upgrade.  The old Paymentus payment app is no longer used.  Customers can still use the 'Bill Payment' button on the website, and the payments are posted to accounts immediately.  

DropCountr App

Unfortunately, the DropCountr app is still not updating from Mueller's meter reading software.  We have reported this to Mueller multiple times, but it is a low priority for Mueller as this is not a supported application.  

Our Mission

The mission of Pace Water System is to provide our member owners with dependable and quality customer service in water, wastewater, and reclaim water.  We are committed to leveraging technological advancements in our industry to ensure our community continues to receive dependable, great tasting, and the healthiest water possible. 

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Reclaim Water Outage

February 22, 2024

Due to delays in the construction project on Woodbine Road, the reclaim water system servicing Woodbine Road, east to East Spencer Field Road, and developments along these corridors is offline for the next couple of weeks.   We apologize for the inconvenience and will restore the service as soon as possible.  

Unrelated to the above project, there was a reclaim water main break on Feb. 21st in Ashley Plantation.  The affected area has been valved off, and crews will be on-site to repair it soon.  

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Winter is Here! Are You Ready?

Winter is Here! Are You Ready?

February 01, 2024

Winter can be a difficult season. Between the short days and unpredictable freezes, we battle icy roads, dehydration, power outages, and frozen pipes. Enjoy these safety and preparedness tips to stay safe all winter long!

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