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Conditional Use 2018-CU-015

Some property owners west of Woodbine Road may have recently received a letter from Santa Rosa County Development Services regarding a Conditional Use (CU) application.  Santa Rosa County’s Land Development Code (LDC) requires any utility usage of a property to apply for a CU.  This CU is for the construction of percolation ponds or rapid infiltration basins (RIBs) and sprayfields to dispose of highly treated public access reclaim water when it is not being used for irrigation purposes in the surrounding areas (see attachment).

As Pace grows, we have to continually expand our disposal options.  PWS’s existing wastewater plant is located on the southern end of Woodbine Road.  The effluent from the plant is either discharged to the wetlands west of the plant or used for reclaim water irrigation in multiple subdivisions, county parks, and businesses.  For reclaim water irrigation, the effluent must be treated to tertiary standards as dictated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  Reclaim water demand fluctuates greatly due to seasonal demands and rainfall events.  During hot and dry periods all of our effluent is used for irrigation.  During the winter or extended wet periods only a small amount of effluent is used for irrigation and the bulk of the flow is discharged to the wetlands.

PWS currently operates one small existing rapid infiltration basin (RIB) located in Southlake Subdivision in Stonebrook.  This existing RIB is a smaller example of the ponds or RIBs that would be constructed on the property west of Woodbine Road (see attached pictures below).

If you have any questions or need additional information please do not hesitate to call the office at 850-994-5129 and ask to speak to Damon Boutwell at extension 3121 or Shawn Mistovich at extension 3069. 

Master Plan

Southlake RIB

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